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The K2 Backside Float 30 Airbag Pack is a crucial piece of equipment for anyone who spends a good portion of their time in the backcountry. K2 wanted to focus on efficient carrying and organization for your backcountry necessities, which resulted...
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The K2 Backside Float 30 Airbag Pack is a crucial piece of equipment for anyone who spends a good portion of their time in the backcountry. K2 wanted to focus on efficient carrying and organization for your backcountry necessities, which resulted in a comfortable pack that has enough volume and storage options to easily fit your gear for a day tour. An easily accessible main compartment keeps your crucial items dry and can be accessed without removing straps or buckles. You may carry your snow shredding device with either the integrated diagonal ski carry or vertical snowboard carry. With a multitude of designated storage areas, the K2 Backside Float 30 Airbag Pack is functional, user friendly, and above all else: safe.

Product Details


Float Bag Technology  The Float systems use 2,700 psi compressed air, single-chamber airbag and a patented super-efficient Venturi system. It is strategically positioned behind the head and away from the hips and arms for clear peripheral vision. The airbag is re-packable by the user after deployment, and the air cylinder can be refilled at certified K2 / BCA refill locations.

Custom Airbag Trigger Location  The trigger mechanism may be located on either the left or right side according to personal preference.


Goggle Pocket  Unique fleece lined goggle pocket allows for easy access to your goggles without completely taking off your pack. Goggles slide into the arced pocket opening with the lenses matching the contoured back panel shape. When not in use for goggles, the pocket will store a 32oz / 1 Liter water bottle for easy access.

Waist Belt Stash Pocket  On both sides of the waist belt the stash pockets hold things you need to get to quickly while on the move: tools, gloves, energy bar or a camera.

Internal Tool Holder  Large wet storage tool pocket stores avy tools and climbing skins. The long pocket length and full length zip makes for easy in and out of climbing skins without having to fold them more than twice. Dedicated tool sleeves have heavy-duty tarpaulin bottom caps to protect the tools and the pack. A bottom moisture drain hole doubles as a large ice axe storage to allow the shaft and spike to protrude below the pack and stay clear of the air bag.

Large Main Compartment Dry Storage


Helmet Holder  Helmet sling easily deploys from velcro pocket and can be used in standard location or diagonal ski carry location at the upper right corner.

Ice Axe Sheath  Clean and simple ice axe storage with the pick in protective sheath.

Hydration Sleeve  The trigger and hydration hose can be used on alternate shoulders and may be switched for personal preference. The hydration sleeve is insulated to keep the fluid flowing and uses a double zipper so you can locate the valve where you want it with minimal exposure to the cold.

Molded Back Panel  Shaped back panel is designed to naturally match the contour of your back for best possible off the shelf fit, supported by reinforced metal stays which can be formed for a customized fit.

Comfort padded shoulder straps


Air cylinder is refillable at any K2/BCA certified refill location.

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